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The owner of the domain offers this service as an external collaborator of Proyectos y Seguros, S.A. Brokerage Insurance with key J0067, pursuant to what is established in art. 8 of Law 26/2006 of July 17, on insurance and reinsurance mediation. If you want to hire any service offered by SANITAS Insurance you can call our customer service for a no-obligacion personalized quote with the SANITAS Insurance company and with almost any other insurance company that you decide. Call now at 91 756 71 08 and request a free, personalized study in English.
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SANITAS Insurance Information

This insurance company is part of the multinational company Bupa which has operations in more than 190 countries. It does not have stockholders and its dividends are not distributed so it has net profits which invests them in improving the services and establishments that it offers to all its clientele.

It has more than 40,000 medical professionals, has an assistance network integrated by 700 medical centers in the Spanish territory. It has 40 specialized centers for the elderly. Its main objective is to improve the commitments they have with their clients at the time of the necessary medical care. Its specialized centers have a highly qualified infrastructure and staff such as Sanitas La Zarzuela Hospital, Sanitas La Moraleja Hospital and Sanitas CIMA Hospital.

It is a socially responsible company and for social development has a network of volunteers, also the Nador-Madrid project (Nador-Madrid Health Development Assistance) and Sanitas Smile (centered on promoting health among employees) and The Sanitas Foundation.

Products that work SANITAS Insurance

Medical Insurance: With a minimum amount of 22 euros per month you have a complete insurance that involves all kinds of complete specialties.
- Dental Insurance: Take care of your oral health and that of your family with very little money.
- Debit Insurance: These insurance plans are designed for you and your family.

Other medical insurance
- View: Its modalities are: Ocular Laser Surgery, Presbyopia, Smile Laser Cataracts, Genetic Test of Glaucoma, Genetic Test of Macular Degeneration
- Maternity: Has the following modalities: Assisted Reproduction Toilet, Cord Umbilical, Prenatal Genetic Test Not Invasive, Fetal Sex in Maternal Blood Paternity Test.
- Aesthetics: Its modalities are Breast Augmentation and Reduction, Advanced Body Remodeling, Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Laser Hair Removal, Microfoam for Varices, Hemorrhoid Treatment, Tattoo Removal and Micro Pigmentation, Capillary Systems, Capillary Treatments, Hair Micrografting.
- Nutrition: Food intolerance test, Food Allergy Test, Food Allergy Test, Personalized Diet, Protein Diet, Intragastric Balloon, POSE Method, APOLLO Method Bariatric Surgery.
- Male: Their modalities are Prostate Laser, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Genital Esthetics, Genetic Test of Prostate Cancer, Advanced Robotic Radical Prostatectomy, Capillary Micrograft.
- Prevention: Among their modalities are Advanced Medical Acknowledgments, Advanced Sports Recognition, Breast Cancer Genetic Test, Colon Cancer Genetic Test, Prostate Cancer Genetic Test, Genetic Footprint, Glaucoma Genetic Test, Macular Degeneration Genetic Test, Test Non-Invasive Prenatal Genetics, Stress Assessment Test, Sleep Disorders Test, Food Allergy Test.
- Rehabilitation: its modalities are Unit of Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation, Neurological Adults, Addiction Treatment., Unit of Sports Medicine, Neurological Rehabilitation for Children, Neurological Rehabilitation for Adults, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Additional Sessions of Psychology, Stop Smoking Program.

SANITAS Insurane Contact Details

Phone: 902 102 400

*Information and products obtained from the SANITAS website and Wikipedia in 2017

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SANITAS offers insurance in all Spanish provinces.

Álava - Albacete - Alicante - Almería - Asturias - Ávila - Badajoz - Baleares - Barcelona - Burgos - Cáceres - Cádiz - Cantabria - Castellón - Ciudad Real - Córdoba - Cuenca - Girona - Granada - Guadalajara - Guipúzcoa - Huelva - Huesca - Jaén - La Coruña - La Rioja - Las Palmas - León - Lérida - Lugo - Madrid - Málaga - Murcia - Navarra - Orense - Palencia - Pontevedra - Salamanca - Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Segovia - Sevilla - Soria - Tarragona - Teruel - Toledo - Valencia - Valladolid - Vizcaya - Zamora - Zaragoza

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Welcome to of General Insurance Group (Grupo Seguros Generales) one of the largest insurance comparison groups online on the internet. We have a large number of branches of insurance and insurance companies, with the aim of offering the best service and the best price. Since 2008 offering online insurance comparison systems.

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