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MAPFRE Insurance at

The owner of the domain offers this service as an external collaborator of Proyectos y Seguros, S.A. Brokerage Insurance with key J0067, pursuant to what is established in art. 8 of Law 26/2006 of July 17, on insurance and reinsurance mediation. If you want to hire any service offered by MAPFRE Insurance you can call our customer service for a no-obligacion personalized quote with the MAPFRE Insurance company and with almost any other insurance company that you decide. Call now at 91 756 71 08 and request a free, personalized study in English.
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If you would like to be contacted by a specialized dealer of MAPFRE insurance, click on the following link and insert your name, telephone number, select the MAPFRE insurance in which you are interested and in a few moments a specialized salesperson will contact you to inform you free of charge of the selected service.

MAPFRE Insurance Information

Founded in May 1933, its main office is in Madrid.
With operations in more than 100 countries, It offers insurance and reinsurance services, has two subsidiary companies and 5,800 offices worldwide, with 38,000 insurance agents, working with corporate responsibility, has more than 34,000,000 international clients and 80,000 trusted intermediaries, thus becoming the number 1 insurance company in Latin America.
Providing a job with solvency, integrity, vocation of services and leadership.

Products that work MAPFRE Insurance

- Car Insurance: car, car you choose, YCAR youth, green cars
* Other products and services: sale of cars, renting of cars, center for experimentation and road safety-CESVIMAP
- Motorcycle insurance: motorcycles
- Home Insurance: home, rent protection insurance, owner communities
* Other goods and services: alarm system, renovations and repairs Home
- Health Insurance: health, dental
- Investment Insurance and Savings: savings, income
- Investment and Retirement Plans: Pension Plans, PPS Plans
- Dues: Deductible insurance, Foreign Resident Deductible Insurance
- Travel and Leisure Insurance: Travel Insurance, bicycles, hunting and fishing, boats
- Life and Accident Insurance: Life Insurance, Accident Insurance
- Other Insurance: Insurance for animals. Legal Defense Insurance

- Business Activities: Autoemprendedor Insurance, Insurance Other Business Activities, Insurance for Shops and Offices, Insurance Agrarios.
- Vehicles: Automobile Insurances, Motorcycle Insurance, Insurance Mechanic Breakdown
- Other Products and Services: Alarm System, Repairs and Reforms, Renting of Cars, Leasing, Center for Experimentation and Security Vial-CESVIMAP

- Insurance: Accident Insurance, Travel Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Collective Compensation System, Occupational Risk Prevention

- Savings Solutions: Savings Insurance, Rent Insurance
- Investment Solutions: Investment Funds, Pension Plans, Plans (PPA)

- SMEs: Multi-risk Insurance, Insurance for Shops and Offices
- Industries: Industry Insurance
- Consulting and Engineering: Construction and Building Damage Insurance, Machinery and Electronic Equipment Insurance
- Farms: Multifold Agricultural Insurance, Insurance for Agricultural Machinery, Liability Insurance, Agrarian Combined Insurance (AGROSEGURO)
- Other Products and Services: 360 ° Companies, Real Estate Offer, Alarm System, Support Service for Companies that want to export, Program for Farm Management

- Company Vehicles: Car Fleet Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Insurance Car Mechanical Breakdown
- Agricultural Vehicles: Farm Vehicle Insurance
- Transportation of Goods: Land Transport Insurance, Sea Transport Insurance, Air Transport Insurance
- Other Insurance: Boat Insurance, Aircraft Insurance
- Other products and services: Car Renting, Leasing, Experimental and Security Center Vial-CESVIMAP, Road Safety in the Enterprise, Gestalt Risk Report of Fleet of Vans

- Insurance: Accident Insurance, Collective Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Pension Plans, Flexible Compensation System, Retirement Incentives, Travel Insurance

MAPFRE Insurane Contact Details

Phone: 902 44 88 44

*Information and products obtained from the MAPFRE website and Wikipedia in 2017

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MAPFRE offers insurance in all Spanish provinces.

Álava - Albacete - Alicante - Almería - Asturias - Ávila - Badajoz - Baleares - Barcelona - Burgos - Cáceres - Cádiz - Cantabria - Castellón - Ciudad Real - Córdoba - Cuenca - Girona - Granada - Guadalajara - Guipúzcoa - Huelva - Huesca - Jaén - La Coruña - La Rioja - Las Palmas - León - Lérida - Lugo - Madrid - Málaga - Murcia - Navarra - Orense - Palencia - Pontevedra - Salamanca - Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Segovia - Sevilla - Soria - Tarragona - Teruel - Toledo - Valencia - Valladolid - Vizcaya - Zamora - Zaragoza

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Welcome to of General Insurance Group (Grupo Seguros Generales) one of the largest insurance comparison groups online on the internet. We have a large number of branches of insurance and insurance companies, with the aim of offering the best service and the best price. Since 2008 offering online insurance comparison systems.

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